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Glaieul Samadani is an Iranian-American multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Glaieul has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Cal State University, Northridge and has been working in the Design Industry and painting for over 30 years. Glaieul’s dynamic language of abstraction conveys a visceral engagement with music and lyrical influence to evoke a vibration and energy. Her oil paintings create chromatic color fields with rich layers of texture that take on a sculptural quality and pull the viewer into vibrant compositions with contrast and depth.


Her bold and gestural brushstrokes and use of palette knife are applied in layers. Over time this technique creates a unique physicality and spontaneity, resonating with influences of Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting while creating her own individual style. Glaieul has exhibited in Los Angeles and is in private art collections in the United States.




I am driven by my desire to observe, analyze and interpret the world and capture it through vivid colors, lines, shapes, forms and textures. In search of inspiration for my work, I travel and fully immerse myself in new environments; experiencing cultures through music, fashion, architecture and the arts along with the people and the natural environment. I try to absorb and capture that energy and vibration with intention through my paintings. Painting with oil, I sculpt my work using a palette knife and a brush, considering the effects the layers of paint and light will have on the textures combined with the transparency of the colors that I superimpose. 

My work is constantly evolving and is influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Color Field Painting, Impressionism, and photography. All my work stems from an idea or detail with an organic approach that I bring to life through my paintings. I leave room for the imagination, imperfection, sensation, and emotion, to show that aesthetic beauty can emerge from a simple vision. At times chaotic, serene, mysterious or romantic, each of my works should be viewed independently. The moment my painting catches your eye, a new energy and journey has begun.



  • Featured Artist, Artist Eye Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, Entire Month of November 2022

  • Artist Eye Gallery in Laguna Beach, California, from April 2022 - present.

  • Jewels of Laguna Beach, California, from May 2022 - present.

  • Art Collector Club, Virtual Gallery (IG), January 2022.

  • Virtual Exhibit at the Laguna Art Gallery, Mission Viejo, California November 2021 to current

  • Brentwood Art Center in 2015, 2016, and 2017

  • Private Collectors:

    • Mr. & Mrs. Tanguy - Southampton, NY.

    • Ms. E. Simpson - Newport Beach, CA.

    • Ms. M. Corder - Albuquerque, NM.

  • Corporate Collector

    •  Revolve Agency - Los Angeles, CA.

Awards & recognitions

Special Recognition Awards from - Light, Space,Time, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and virtual art gallery:

  • May 2022
    Juried Competition - Figurative Art Exhibit.


  • August 2022
    Juried Competition – Seascapes Art Exhibit.


  • September 2022
    Juried Competition – Landscapes Art Exhibit.


  • November 2022
    Award Wining Artist at 4th Annual "Primary Colors" Art Competition/Exhibition 
    Special Merit Awarded  for "Reflections" 
    Light, Space, & Time Online Gallery


November 2022

4th “Primary Colors” Exhibition Results Announced by Art Gallery

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Blue Door Magazine, Issue 21, feature page 75  

Glaieul Samadani Abstract Artist

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Q&A with Abstract Painter Glaieul Samadani

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November 2022

Artist Talk Magazine, Issue 22

Abstract Artist Glaieul Samadani

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October 2022

Up Magazine New York

Glaieul Samadani Finds Her Rhythm

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September 2022

Naluda Magazine

Interview with LA artist Glaieul Samadani

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